About BixLink

About Us

BixLink specializes on the design and development of batteries, power supplies and display related products. With the intense design and manufacturing experiences of expert teams from Taiwan and Japan, BixLink provides customized total solutions, small quantity diversity, individual unique specifications, high quality and quick delivery time.

For batteries and power supply products, we can provide services ranging from customized design and manufacture of primary and secondary lithium ion batteries to charger products. In display-related products, we develop highly efficient and diversified products applied in the fields of industrial, in-vehicle, and medical displays.



◉ Founded


◉ Electronic machinery components international procurement and sales


◉ Increase Display and AD Board product lines


◉ Established Tokyo Design Center, Japan


◉ Acquired a charger order from a well-known Japanese medical manufacturer
◉ Acquired orders for Japanese commercial printer lithium-ion battery packs


◉ Developed industrial waterproof battery (IP65) and obtained customer orders
◉ Develop high capacity and high leakage proof CR coin battery


◉ Developed a large-current discharge, waterproof, and explosion-proof lithium-ion battery pack, and obtained orders from well-known fishing equipment makers
◉ Developed AD Board, LED Driver Board and related solutions for on-board displays and received the certification from a Japanese manufacturer


◉ Developed chargers and high-current lithium battery packs (above 500Wh) and obtained orders from Japanese manufacturers


◉ Develop high capacity low impedance CR coin battery
◉ Develop wireless charging related products


◉ Increase 1000Wh lithium iron battery pack product line and promote it to the Japanese market


◉ Development of lithium titanate battery packs with safety and long cycle life
◉ Developed lithium solid battery packs for Japanese customers

Brand Spirit

The brand of BixLink was founded in 2005 and its main concept is derived from two essentials.
“Bix” embraces diverse business sharing and integration;  “Link” symbolizes connection and innovation.
Therefore, The BixLink brand combines the inspiration of both Bix and Link and unites.

BixLink is based on “Power to The Life” and combines innovative technology, high quality and reliable design to
provide high quality, safe and user-friendly products to create a comfortable and convenient quality of life.