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BixLink specializes on the design and development of batteries, power supplies and display related products. With the intense design and manufacturing experiences of expert teams from Taiwan and Japan, BixLink provides customized total solutions, small quantity diversity, individual unique specifications, high quality and quick delivery time.

For batteries and power supply products, we can provide services ranging from customized design...


With the progress and development of science and technology in the 21st century, mankind has been rapidly consuming the limited resources of the earth, and abnormal climates accompanying severe global warming has caused serious damages to the world. BixLink recognizes the importance of sustainable development and ecological conservation.

We will actively promote energy conservation,    and contribute to reducing carbon emissions by realizing LED lighting, teleconferencing, and paperless. We practice waste separation and recycling, comply with government environmental policies, build a safe work environment, and hope for the health of our employees.

BixLink will continue to make efforts to protect the global environment and living resources with everyone.

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